4 Types Of Steel That The Sheet Metal Manufacturing Commonly Use

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The sheet metal manufacturing industry plays a major role in most construction projects. With the use of latest fabricating technology sheet metal can be customised to meet the specific demands of a client in any project that uses steel as the main material. If you are still new in the sheet metal fabrication below are the 4 types of steel generally used by sheet metal manufacturers:

Alloy or Carbon Steel

This type of steel is often called alloy or carbon steel. Depending on the desired effect of the finished project the alloy steel is widely favoured because it is stronger due to the other elements found in its composition like manganese, chromium, and tungsten. However, if a client wants supreme strength the elements nickel or vanadium are added. Alloy steel is proven effective in preventing corrosion.

Carbon Steel

For construction projects like bridges, the type of steel recommended by experts from the sheet metal manufacturing industry is carbon steel. Why? This type of steel is versatile and when used with iron can deliver a stronger byproduct. Carbon steel comes in various forms; the low, medium and high carbon. For projects that require an installation of gates, railings or fences the low carbon steel form is used. However, for types of byproducts that we have direct contact such as appliances and vehicles the medium carbon steel is the best. High carbon steel is mostly found in wires due to the high level of carbon used.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is regarded as the most effective type of steel that can repel corrosion due to its protective covering made from chromium. What does this imply? It simply means that anything created or manufactured with stainless steel as the main component can be exposed excessively to water sources like the kitchen sink or boat. Other products that benefit from using stainless steel are equipment and machinery that process liquids. The same concept can be integrated into buildings the use of sheet metal made from stainless steel can withstand exposure to such elements.

Tool Steel

Similar to carbon steel, tool steel is very versatile with at least one percent of its component made from carbon. The alloy is another element that is used in tool steel. Among the products that contain tool steel are construction tools like hammer, dies, and punches. Blades are also among the byproducts of tool steel including different types of knives. Tool steel is an abrasion-free and can be worked even under extreme heat conditions. This is why tool steel can easily be shaped into flat or square form.

The sheet metal manufacturing industry offers a wide range of sheet metal fabrications including laser cutting service. If you want assistance on the type of metal to be used for your construction projects and other projects requiring the use of fabricated metal sheets go and check Premier Engineering official website. Prevent mistakes, delays on your projects and possible danger of your workers by entrusting all your metal sheet and laser cutting service requirements at Premier Engineering and Storage Solutions.


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