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Racks of shelves and other shelving units are essential in warehouses. To obtain these, facility owners will need to locate reputed sheet metal manufacturing companies. These companies will be able to deliver storage solutions tailored to meet the needs of warehouse owners. However, companies that manufacture sheet metals can also produce a myriad of other components and products. These components and prototypes play a significant role in many industrial and commercial establishments. For instance, many industrial facilities need customised workbenches for various purposes. To meet this requirement, owners of these facilities will inevitably need to identify the best manufacturers in the vicinity.


What Are Some of the Top Features of a Quality Workbench?

Workbenches are specialised tables used in workspaces. They typically feature large and flat surfaces. In addition, they often come with surfacing materials that are appropriate to the kind of work for which the workers will use the bench. Industrial workbenches will invariably feature an array of inbuilt shelves and drawers – both above and beneath the bench. These shelves are handy for storing various tools and ongoing projects. Some workbenches might also feature spaces for hanging larger tools.

You will easily come across several cheap and low-cost industrial workbenches in the market. But a quality workbench will usually offer:

  • – High levels of durability to withstand the effect of corrosive materials such as acids
  • – Containers used for collecting and facilitating the disposal of various waste materials
  • – Light fixtures to provide appropriate levels of lighting
  • – Workpiece support trolleys that enable workers to process and store the individual workpieces carefully and,
  • – A fluid collection system for collecting liquid waste


Engage Premier Engineering to Manufacture High-Quality Sheet Metal Components

Premier Engineering are the experts when it comes to manufacturing sheet metal. Our facilities utilise state-of-the-art machines and equipment to produce precise prototypes and components. Unlike other sheet metal manufacturers, we stick to the agreed timelines for delivering high-quality products. This enables us to delight our customers in terms of service. At the same time, it enables us to provide customised solutions, which fit into the budgets of our clients. Not surprisingly, we are the service provider of choice when it comes to offering custom design and engineering services. Whether you require a workbench or a shelving unit, we can give you the best value for your money. To know more, call us at 0481 115 752.


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