How Should the Base For a Metal Storage Cabinet Be Organized?

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You must add an appropriate base onto the bottom of your metal storage cabinet for it to stay in its place. A base raises your industrial shelving units up by a few inches while securing an anchor spot that keeps the cabinet from sliding around. You should watch for how well your base is organized so you have something that you can use the right way without risking it sliding or otherwise making a bad impact on any surface in your space.


A Flat Setup

Start by looking at how well the base will work on a flooring surface. The base should be flat and capable of conforming to the surface you will place it on.

It can come with a few small grooves on the ends that poke out and cling to a carpeted surface if you plan on adding a cabinet onto such a space. You would have to watch for how those grooves are added so they do not tear up your flooring surface though.


How High Should Be Be?

The base for your metal storage cabinet does not have to be all that high. The base can be around three to four inches in height. This should be enough to keep the cabinet from being directly on the floor. It is a must to consider if your cabinet will be placed in an area where fluids might move around the floor.


A Good Rectangular Size

The base on your cabinet should be rectangular in size for the best results. This is enough to create a wide layout where the weight is spread out well. This also produces a nice layout that might be harder for people to topple over. This works best if one of these storage solutions is laid out next to a wall or is attached to a workbench.

The base on a metal storage cabinet should be planned appropriately to ensure that your cabinet will stay sturdy and not at risk of moving around in any way. See what Premier Engineering and Storage Solutions can do for you when planning this part of a cabinet the right way.


Image Source: CéLOGIK – euraCRP / Flickr

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