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Do you want to improve your warehouse storage system? Nowadays, various types of storage solutions are becoming popular not only in commercial spaces but also to industrial and warehousing facilities. As the needs for adequate and proper storing of goods become a daily necessity at your warehouse, here are some of the best storage units that you may consider while doing research.

Pallet racks

Pallet racks are among the most sought types of storage solutions being used in industrial facilities, warehouses including supermarkets. The design of pallet racks varies due to factors like budget, space availability, the height of ceilings and preference on the size of pallets to be used.

Bulk racks

Another ideal storage solution that many warehouses use in storing huge quantities of a good that are either dense or on the heavy side is bulk racks. This particular type of storage solution is a lot cheaper as compared to other custom made storage solutions. Bulk racks are also used in automotive shops that sell auto spare parts including tires.

Wire mesh partitions

Another type of storage solution that is designed to protect and secure items are the wire mesh partitions. These storage units design is similar to a diamond pattern with wires woven to create a clean and elegant look. The wire mesh partitions are usually made from heavy-duty steel materials that can be easily modified depending on the needs of a warehouse facility. For example, if the warehouse needs more storage the wire mesh partitions can be expanded.

Cantilever racks

The cantilever racks are among the popular storage solutions used for storing bulky, heavy, and over-sized items such as timber, steel, plasterboard and pipes. The cantilever racking system boast of four components; the upright, base, arms and braces. These storage solutions are easy to assemble, making them ideal for all types of goods needing proper storing. The racks of the cantilever can go up to 6 meters high and allow storage of items with various sizes and shapes.

Carton Flow racks

Another type of warehouse storage solution that can be customised at Premier Engineering is the carton flow rack. As the name itself refers to “flow”, the storage itself can be rolled to the front. This type of storage system is suitable for warehouses that have fast production of goods that require immediate storing. Carton flow racks can be designed to match a warehouse specific storage requirement.

  • Mezzanines

If you want to maximise the free space of a warehouse the mezzanines are the best storage solutions. However, be prepared to invest a good amount of money because the cost to produce top quality mezzanines are expensive, but, they can provide long years of service, plus additional storage space without having to worry of renting a temporary storage facility. The mezzanines can be easily dismantled and moved elsewhere if the need to relocate the warehouse to another location.

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