Closed Back and Side Panels Add Support For Industrial Shelving Units

industrial shelving units


You can get one of your industrial shelving units to be designed in any way you see fit, but you should still look at how well one of these units can be arranged based on the support offered. One way to add support to your shelving unit is to use a series of closed back and side panels.

These panels work as they will create solid sheet metal bodies that cover an entire side. The back part of your cabinet might include a thick wall that goes over it. The sides may also have slim covers.

Keep Things In Their Place

You can use closed panels on metal storage cabinets as a means of protecting items. Instead of having exposed spaces where items could slip out, you will have barriers for where they can go. This is critical if your workplace experiences vibrations that can cause some items in your spot to shake and vibrate.

Do the Panels Have to Be Thick?

You don’t necessarily have to get really thick panels on your industrial shelving units. The panels on the sides and back can be a little thinner than other surfaces around your cabinet. This is perfect for keeping everything protected without adding lots of weight. Besides, the panels should be sturdy enough to keep items in their place.

Easy to Maintain

When panels are added, metal storage cabinets become a little easier to care for. You will not worry about items spilling over the sides of a cabinet or shelf when protective panels are added all around.

Divide Items Properly

Perhaps you have a need for several shelving units in a spot. You can use panels to divide items between separate shelves or cabinets. This keeps items from mixing up with one another.

Look at how well closed back and side panels can work for when you need to get metal storage cabinets or shelving units ready. Ask Premier Engineering for help with seeing how well these panels can work for you.


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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