Differences with Laser Cutting and CNC Services

When it comes to manufacturing metals, there are many options to choose from. Each method of forming metals will have its own distinct advantages and disadvantages and they are used for different purposes in the industry. Some of the major metal forming methods are laser cutting, CNC cutting services, and CNC punching services.

Laser Cutting:

The name might make this obvious, but laser cutting uses a laser to cut or engrave the material, using heat to split the pieces. Laser is one of the highest precision methods of forming metals. This does however come at a cost, with this type of manufacturing having a very high initial cost and needing a lot of electricity to operate. Unlike the other methods, laser cutting can also be used for light welding works in its cutting.

CNC Cutting Services:

Unlike lasers, these machines use physical tools to do the cutting in the material. The tools are guided by a computer, with a design programmed by a metalworker. The machine then follows the paths outlined in this program to produce the part. CNC cutting services are a lot less expensive than laser cutting in both electrical running costs and initial machine prices. They can still produce very accurate cuts and leave no burn marks on the material.

CNC Punching Service:

This process uses a series of computer-controlled dies to punch holes or turrets into the metal. It is often used in conjunction with CNC cutting services. Punching is a very economical forming method as it makes great reuse of designs and drastically reduces material wastage. It is also fast and efficient to mass-produce parts. However, it doesn’t meet the same precision as laser cutting.

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