Essential Features of Amada’s Laser cutting the “ENSIS-=AJ3Kw” machine

There are many general and technical features of ENSIS – 3015AJ AMADA’s own developed fiber laser oscillator and the latest unique beam control designed by Japanese technology with amazing energy efficiency while supporting higher efficiency in production time for laser cutting.

Features which make it more essential in work are as below:

  1. Thin to thick material cutting with a single machine – The laser cutting beam outline is controlled using AMADA’s laser beam technology. The Process Range Expansion to thick mild steel. In addition, unlike conventional technologies, full range cutting capability without a lens change.
  2. Improvement in energy efficiency with energy-saving effects – the most important characteristic of fiber laser technology is that they have enabled the reduction of power consumption during processing and stand-by, as well as a significant decrease in CO2 emission in the machine, when used, which maintain the energy level during work.
  3. Done Small footprint by oscillator downsizing and built in the machine – The oscillator has been downsized by 50% from a previous variety of the machine, and is built into the machine for space-saving.
  4. Easy to Operate – The latest NC control AMNC 3i provides the user with a large screen with easy vision and operation with multi-touch methods like smartphones.
  5. Lowest in Cost – Thick mild steel productivity of this Laser cutting machine is having a technology that gives high productivity when processing thick mild steel while reducing the cost per part. With major benefits like faster cutting speeds, high-quality cut edge, improved bevel.


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