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Metal processing units and facilities abound across Australia. These establishments do not just focus on sheet metal manufacturing. In many cases, they also process these metallic sheets and transform them into prototypes and other complex products. It goes without saying that working with metals will seldom be easy. Cutting these sheets of metal into specific shapes at high precision levels can often complicate what seems like an easy task. Some decades ago, metalworkers performed this task manually or with rudimentary tools. These metalworking methods did not always yield high-precision products and prototypes. In addition, the work consumed inordinate amounts of time as well. Not surprisingly, many establishments these days have adopted laser cutting technology to simplify and ease a complex activity.


Innovative manufacturing and production processes can drive down production costs. But, these processes will need to be efficient, safe and accurate as well. The use of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines makes it easier for workers to produce accurate and intricate cuts without compromising on the finish. So, it comes as no surprise that many manufacturing companies have engaged laser cutting firms to design and develop prototypes, products etc. Doing so certainly has a number of advantages such as:


  • Minimal Distortion: Laser cutting machines offer high precision levels and edge quality as opposed to traditional cutting methods. In addition, the laser beam will never wear out during the cutting process. Thus, you can expect high precision and minimal distortion levels by opting for laser cutting services.
  • No Contact Processes: It can be worth mentioning that the laser beam never touches the metallic plate it works on. Instead, it uses the heat it produces for melting and cutting the metal. This yields smooth edges and minimal kerfs. In addition, the entire process remains monitored by a computer program. The algorithm used ensures that the machine does not overwork. Moreover, the computer program ensures that the cut remains exceedingly precise.
  • Smart and Innovative Processes: Laser cutting firms in Ingleburn and other places know the value of their laser cutting machines. These machines typically use lesser power as opposed to traditional cutting machines. This helps in keeping production costs low. Unlike traditional cutting machines, laser cutting machines can provide narrow cuts and close nesting. Thus, it can optimise the efficient utilisation of the material, while reducing wastage.
  • Versatility: Laser cutting machines can burn simple and intricate designs alike in one piece. This attests to their versatility. The operators will also be able to cut small diameter holes with multipart detail and smooth edges in sheet, box, plate or tube sections. Moreover, laser cutting machines have reduced setup times. This serves to optimise production time. And, these machines can adapt to your changing production requirements quickly. So, repeating patterns or incorporating minor or major changes in the design will remain easy as well.


At the outset, it can be worth mentioning that laser cutting will not be suitable for working with all types of metals. For instance, laser cutters will not be suitable for cutting metals like copper and aluminium. So, if you work with these metals predominantly, consider investing in high-definition plasma cutters. Similarly, always ensure that your laser cutting partners uses the latest cutting technologies. This can save production costs as older machines can be power inefficient. Visit Premier Engineering for your information about their services.

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