Generic FAQs about our CNC cutting services – Asked many times before

What machine type and the material do you use?

There should be a set prototype for CNC cutting machine material to give proper finishing to any cutting job. CNC cutting machine uses an optimal manufacturing process for doing any kind of custom cutting job and is easily available in machining virtual material.

What is the difference between Laser Cutting and CNC cutting?

There are basic differences between both CNC cutting and Laser cutting. The machinery used in CNC cutting service is having two-part of everyday work.

The lowdown on CNC cutting and Laser Cutting – The CNC machine has one most obvious characteristic is that it cuts through direct physical contact of the user. When using CNC machine for any cutting or milling process always keep in mind that CNC machine works on an automated system that is set and programmed through computer numerical figures and controlled by computer only. On the other hand, the laser cutting machine is quite simple in use and follows the programmed way to perform any cutting function.

What is CNC milling?

Like, CNC Cutting machine is based on programmed code that represents instructions for jobs to be done. CNC machine one of the fine examples of finishing raw material into a fine model using different methods. The additional feature for 3D printing with more additive work done is CNC milling.

The main difference between milling machines and any other drilling machine is the ability cut angle wise giving proper shape to any material.

What materials you can mill or cut on CNC machine?

For 2D sheet materials –



Acrylic sheets

For 3D Materials-

High-density foam

Walnut wood

Tooling board


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