How are CNC Cutting Services used in Manufacturing?

If you are involved in the manufacturing industry or dabble in some DIY, you’ve probably heard of CNC machining. CNC cutting services have become a staple of metal and timber manufacturing being more precise and efficient than manual cutting methods. A CNC punching service is typically also used to create precise holes or indentations in the surface and is primarily used for sheet metal. CNC manufacturing processes are used heavily in the industry, one such application is for constructing industrial shelving units.

CNC stands for computer numerical control, so it makes sense that these manufacturing machines are operated solely by computer control. The first step in most CNC cutting services is to produce a digital model of the desired part; this is usually done in a CAD program. The model is then translated to the CNC machine which will use this data to control the cutting element, usually a friction-based cutting tool. This basic process is the same for simple structures such as the frame of industrial shelving units or intricately carved designs.

Just like CNC cutting, a CNC punching service uses computer control to guide a punching tool to create holes or indentations in a material. The process of designing a CAD model and translating it to the machine is the same as CNC cutting services and the two are often used together to create complex pieces. The main advantage of CNC processes is their precise, computer-guided cutting tools remove many sources of error and can make processes much faster. They are also much safer and cost-effective for mass and small scale production alike, with minimal material wastage.

CNC cutting services are not a replacement for a skilled craftsman, who is still highly valuable in creating designs and operating the CNC punching service, and finishing intricate parts. Premier Engineering uses the latest machines and best cutting specialists for the manufacturing of their industrial shelving units.

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