What Impacts the Weight Capacity Of Your Storage Solutions?

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Your business can use one of many storage solutions to make it easier for you to secure items in your workplace. You can get a cabinet, bench or other surface engineered to your specifications.

But you must look at how much weight your storage unit can support. Premier Engineering can assist you with producing one of many great options provided you watch for how well it is organized. You will have to watch for how the layout is designed so you can produce a storage space that can handle more weight.


Reinforcement Is Vital

Most industrial shelving units offer basic reinforcement where the ends of the shelf or other surface are supported by a series of steel beams. Central reinforcement may be added with an extra beam in the middle part of a shelf. This adds to the support on the bottom part of the shelf or floor, thus adding to the weight capacity.

Double reinforcement can be utilized too. With this, two steel beams are added to each end instead of just one.


How Thick Is a Surface?

A surface may be organized with a thicker body too. The metal used in storage solutions can be designed with thicker surfaces to create a stronger body that holds more weight. The metal might be about half an inch thick in some cases although something ¾-inch thick might be even more durable. This is provided the reinforcements being used are also strong enough.


Don’t Forget the Legs

You might have some legs added to a cabinet. This is for cases where you need under-cabinet storage or you want something easy to move from one end of a room to the other. The sheet metal manufacturing for your storage unit could entail thicker legs that can support more pressure. This adds to the weight that could be added provided the legs are organized well enough.

Your storage solutions will be easier to support when you have the right amount of reinforcement on hand. This is to give you the best surface possible while supporting a larger amount of weight. Check with us at Premier Engineering to see how well you can get a shelving unit applied while supporting all the weight you need to add to the surface.


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