Improve Your Storage Solutions with the Right Shelf Height


Efficiency is an important factor in the operations of a warehouse. There are several things which can impact your warehouse’s efficiency, one of which is the height of your shelves or storage racks. Whatever storage solutions you choose to use, you need to position your shelves at a height that will make it easier for your employees to store and remove items.

But how do you determine the correct height for your industrial shelving units and racks? Here are some considerations.

Floor to Ceiling Height

The floor to ceiling height of your warehouse places significant limitation on how tall your industrial shelving units can be.  Most warehouses have high ceilings, although there are also warehouse with lower ceilings. Aside from the actual floor to ceiling height, you also need to consider the fixtures fitted in the ceilings. Such features include lighting fixtures, fire sprinklers, and others. In some cases, these obstructions will further limit the height of your storage racks.

Products to Be Stored

Some products aren’t suitable for high storage. These includes products which needs to be regularly accessed. You should also refrain from placing products that have a fast turnaround in high shelves. Doing so will make it difficult for you to reach for the products when they’re needed. Obviously, you’ll want to keep them in the lower part of industrial shelving units.

Building and Fire Codes

Warehouses are obliged by law to follow building and fire codes in their construction and design. For instance, warehouses are required to have fire sprinklers installed in them. As mentioned earlier, these items may have an impact on how high your storage solutions can be.

Your Lift Equipment

Some warehouses will need to use a lift equipment in order to reach the top portions of their storage racks. If you are having a storage rack constructed, be sure to consider the reach of your lift equipment. Otherwise, you may find that your lift equipment isn’t capable of reaching the top portions of your storage racks. In this case, you will have to have your industrial shelving units modified or go buy a new lift equipment. In any case, this is costly and could’ve been avoided easily had the necessary measurements been taken at the start.

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Image Source: Pixabay

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