Industrial Shelving Units – The Best Storage Solution for Commercial Entities

Industrial Shelving Units


Large warehouses are not the only facilities that feature all kinds of industrial shelving units. Shelving systems are essential for day-to-day operations in a wide range of industries these days. The aerospace industry uses these units for storing large and bulky engine components. Manufacturing establishments require shelving units for maximising the storage and the security of the goods they produce. Companies in the automotive industry require an assortment of shelving units for serving as tool cribs, work-cells etc.


How Do Open Industrial Shelving Units Compare with Closed Shelving Units?

Industrial shelves help commercial establishments to minimise expenses by making optimal utilisation of the space available. These shelving units typically come in two varieties comprising:

  • Closed Shelving Racks: These shelving units feature back and side panels. These panels provide greater support and stability to the unit. Manufacturers can extend the panels right up to the front of the unit and provide a door as well. This will keep the products safe and dust-free. These shelving units are ideal for use in places where you need to store your goods neatly in a room.
  • Open Shelving Racks: These units do not feature back or side panels. This keeps the products placed on these shelves visible at all times. In addition, the lack of panels makes it easier to access the products when needed. Manufacturers bolster the stability of these units with back or side braces. These braces nullify the possibility of these shelving units swaying laterally or sideways. Open shelving racks are far more cost-effective than closed shelving racks.

Closed shelving racks offer greater safety for the products stored. But, accessing products stored in open racks is easier. Open shelving racks enable you to display products as well.


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