Industrial Shelving Units: What You Need To Know Before Buying

Are you searching for effective storage solutions at your warehouse facility? Finding the right shelving is vital so that you can maximise whatever available space you have at the warehouse. If you haven’t considered industrial shelving units, here are a few pointers to remember before placing your order at any shelving supplier.

What is metal shelving?

For businesses needing sturdy storage solutions the metal shelving units are highly recommended because they are specifically designed to fit in any space. These shelving solutions are economical because they can be re-assembly according to the availability of space and items to be stored. Aside from that, most metal shelving units can be custom-made as per business or warehouse facility storage requirements.

Types of Industrial Shelving Units

Industrial shelving units such as metal shelving come in various designs. Here’s some of the commonly used in warehouses and other businesses in need of proper storage units.

  • Multi-level shelving

This type of shelving unit is expandable and can occupy whatever free space your warehouse or business has to offer. If you have future plans of expansion the multi-level is a wise choice because it’s overall structure and design is cost-effective and surpassed safety standards.

  • Open unit shelving

Another popular type of industrial shelving units is the open shelving. The design of this particular shelving is perfect for re-stocking purposes or quick retrieval of goods.

  • Closed unit shelving

For fragile or delicate items that need protection against external elements found in the environment such as pollutants, hazards or bacteria the closed unit shelving is the ideal storage solution. Closed unit shelving units are widely used for storing perishable goods like food. However, offices prefer closed unit shelving such as metal storage cabinet for storing valuables and documents.

  • Bin shelving

If you need to store smaller pieces or parts that have to follow an order the bin type shelving is the right choice. These industrial shelving units usually have partitions to allow the user to quickly locate items. The bin type shelving units are mostly found in mechanic and hardware shops.

What is Boltless Shelving?

If you want shelving units that are easy to assemble and offer stability the boltless type shelving or known as the “rivet shelving” is the best storage buddy. This type of industrial shelving unit is suitable for users that need to get things organised the faster way.

Types of Boltless Shelving Units

Based on the user’s storage needs the boltless shelving comes in various forms and mostly include the following:

  • Low profile shelving

This type of shelving is ideal for limited spaces. In fact, they can be placed anywhere because the structure itself is moveable.

  • Long span shelving

For high volume of goods needing storage, the long span shelving would be the perfect match. These industrial shelving units are mostly used in retail stores and other facilities the need high storage capacity.

  • Z Beam shelving

This type of shelving model has the features of long span and low profile shelving units. Z beam shelving can handle the huge volume of load. They have also used in offices as well as backroom areas where space is limited.

Have you found the ideal industrial shelving units for your warehouse or business? If you want to know more about the different designs that you can integrate for your custom-made metal storage cabinet consult the experts in design at Premier Engineering.

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