Laser Cutting Service: Benefits of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting technology holds a myriad of advantages over traditional cutting methods. This is why many clients prefer to work with shops that offer laser cutting service. But what exactly are the benefits offered by laser cutting?


Cleaner Edges

Laser technology offers precision levels that are difficult for traditional cutting methods to achieve. This precision allows it to cut through metal flawlessly. Because lasers cut using small and focused laser beams, there is lesser heat affect zones. This is important especially for projects that require cleaner edges and less flaws. If you are looking for better cuts overall on your sheet metal, then laser cutting service is the way to go.


Eliminates Warping

Traditional cutting methods usually cause the sheet metal to warp or distort. However, this should never be an issue if you choose a reputable shop that offers laser cutting service. There are several reasons why this is so like the high processing speeds, smaller heat affect zones, and contactless process. All these combined eliminates warping of the sheet metal and gives you better quality end product.


No Tooling Costs

Other equipment like a punch press or a shear will require some form of maintenance for optimal functionality. Laser cutting technology does not. With laser cutting technology, there is no need for tool changeover or sharpening maintenance. Shops that offer laser cutting service do conduct regular maintenance, but they are not as time-consuming and labour-intensive as it is with traditional cutting tools or equipment.


Faster Setup Times

As mentioned earlier, laser cutting technology requires no hard-tooling. As such, it allows for a much quicker setup time than traditional processes. In sheet metal manufacturing and fabrication, time is of the essence. The more time you have, the more work you can accomplish. The lower setup times courtesy of laser cutting technology reduces operation costs and increases productivity and bottom line. Additionally, this allows clients to get their orders earlier and thus get on with their projects much quicker.

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