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Commercial and industrial garages use metal storage cabinet to keep their workspace clean and organize. It helps to hide any clutter as well as provide a safe place to store tools and other items. But these cabinets are not the only storage solutions available for garages, commercial, industrial or residential. The other option for most is a garage shelf.

In many cases, garage shelves are seen to be a more affordable alternative to metal storage cabinet. This is mainly because they require lesser materials to build than storage cabinets. In addition, they are easier to build compared to storage cabinets. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution, then metal garage shelves may just be the answer.

Metal garage shelves also take up less floor space than metal storage cabinets. Thus, they efficiently save space, allowing you to have more working space under these shelves.

The things about these shelving units is that they are mounted directly onto your garage’s walls. You may have some issues with the weight of the items you can place in the shelves. If you are using lightweight shelving units for instance, then the items that can be stored there may be limited. For instance, the only items that may be kept there are tools, cans, and other light items. Large items are definitely out of the question.

However, there are manufacturers and contractors who specialise in making heavy duty shelving units in Ingleburn. These heavy-duty shelves are capable of handling a substantial amount of weight at any given time. However, this does not mean that they can carry everything. There is still a load limit to these shelving units, so be sure to talk to your contractor so you don’t overload these shelves and cause them to fall down.

When it comes to maximizing your storage solutions, consider going for metal shelves. They can really work well in tandem with your metal storage cabinet. However, keep in mind that they will most likely be installed on the walls of your garage. As such, you’ll want to make sure that they are strong, sturdy, and installed properly. In addition you need to make sure that they can handle the weight you intend to put on them.

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