Metal Storage Cabinets Sydney Need Built-In Wall Anchors

Metal Storage Cabinets


A tall storage cabinet must always be secured onto a wall. The recent issue surrounding Ikea recalling a massive number of cabinets due to children being crushed to death as they topple is clear proof that every storage cabinet needs a proper security setup. With this in mind, any storage solutions that you have prepared should come with some built-in anchors that will keep your cabinet upright at all times.

Regardless of the type of cabinet you order for your Sydney business, you must have anchors added onto the back area of your setup. These anchors should be built-in as they will be firmly attached to the body of your cabinet without being at risk of coming apart.

It is true that wall anchoring kits like what Ikea has been offering to fix its faulty storage cabinets could work. But there is always the risk that such an anchoring kit could be hard to install or prepare.

Having a built-in series of anchors is one part of metal storage cabinets Sydney businesses could benefit from. These built-in materials will make it easier for anyone to storage items with care.

Such anchors could be attached to the back wall surface of your cabinet. They would entail a series of points or bolts that will move into a wall to keep it steady and secure. The points could be spaced out enough to allow your cabinet to fit into any stubs or other solid backing surfaces that the anchors can be placed into.

In addition, the anchors can be placed all around the back part of your cabinet. They can go in not only the middle part of the cabinet but also around the corners to create an even amount of protection over the whole surface.

Check in with us to see how we can assist you with producing strong cabinets with anchors to keep them attached to your walls. We focus on creating simple solutions that assist in making your property safer for everyone involved.


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