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People who own or manage warehouses know the importance of storage systems. Any supplier of storage solutions will be able to design or build a variety of storage racks and shelving units. These units might make optimal utilization of the space available in your facility. They might even come at cost-effective prices that fit into your budget. But, if they do not enable you to store your inventory in an organised and safe manner, they will certainly affect your operations.


For starters, such systems will be inefficient. They will make it hard for your workers to retrieve or pick the items needed for shipping. Thus, instead of making life easier for your workers, such storage systems will hamper their productivity levels. Furthermore, accessing and storing inventory on these units might not always be easy. As a result, the likelihood remains that retrieving an item might cause other stacked items to fall. Not surprisingly, if your workers need to watch out for falling stacks of items each time they retrieve some goods, they will not be able to work in a safe and confident manner.


At Premier Engineering, we know the value of space in a warehouse. We also understand how to design storage solutions that utilise this space optimally. Therefore, we urge our clients to make the most of their space and storage systems by:


  • Planning each detail of the layout of the warehouse – from the location of the offices to the receiving and shipping areas
  • Budgeting for unforeseen expenses as well as for investing in quality shelving units and racking systems that offer years of use and immense durability
  • Utilising vertical space first to save space and enhance efficiency levels
  • Arranging the racks in long rows to make the most of the space available
  • Designing a large receiving and shipping area near the facility entrance to minimise labour and promote higher levels of productivity among your workers
  • Calculating the square footage of the facility and the amount of space needed to store one pallet, which can help you utilise the vertical and horizontal space in your warehouse optimally
  • Organising the layout of the warehouse to make inventory retrieval easier – especially with the use of dynamic racking systems and,
  • Using the appropriate safety and guarding solutions to protect your warehouse racking, which can help you prevent falling debris, collisions, injuries etc.


As a premier manufacturer of sheet metal components, we know the details that go into making a quality storage system. In addition, we use cutting-edge technology to deliver high-precision work in all our projects. Among other things, we use computer-aided design tools for delivering components created to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Whether you need a workbench or a shelving unit, we can give you anything you require. Moreover, we offer superlative CNC punching, prototyping, welding, machining and powder coating services as well. So, the next time you have any engineering demands, think of us. Click here to check out our manufacturing capabilities. Or, give us a call at 0481 115 752 or 0401 663 022 to share your requirements.


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