Pro And Cons Of Various Industrial Shelving Units

Industrial Shelving Units

Industrial shelving units come in various forms like steel clip, rivet and wire. If you are having a hard time deciding which one will work best this shared information below will probably direct you to the right shelving framework.

What is Steel Clip Shelving?

  • Steel Clip Shelving is commonly used in warehousing facilities, offices including tool cribs. Most of these types of storage solutions are installed with the aid of back and sway braces for added stability. Steel Clip Shelving is available in two styles; the open and closed.

Pros of Steel Clip Shelving

  1. Can be adjusted with the use of compression clips.
  2. Customizable depending on a client’s specifications for storage solutions.
  3. Offer high-density applications because they can be installed close to each shelving unit.
  4. Ideal for office settings.
  5. Wide range of colours to choose including accessories.

Cons of Steel Clip Shelving

  1. Steel shelving can be quite costly if compared to other industrial shelving units.
  2. Installation process can be labour intensive.
  3. Cannot be converted into mobile storage solutions.

What is Rivet Shelving?

Rivet type shelving is considered to be the most versatile among the other options for industrial shelving units. It can be built from top quality steel framework and decking material (particle board). Other decks used for holding heavy loads are solid steel and plywood. Rivet shelving is generally used in warehouses and storage room applications.

Pros of Rivet Shelving

  1. Cost-effective than other industrial shelving units.
  2. Can be built with the largest sizes of shelving.
  3. Easily installed with the use of a mallet.
  4. Provide the efficient shelving for high volume and heavy storage applications.

Cons of Rivet Shelving

  1. Not aesthetically appealing. That’s why they are often used in an industrial setting where visual appearance is not a priority as long as they provide effective storage solutions.
  2. Shipping fees may cost more due to the heavy weight of river shelving units. If you want to save better have them made by a local producer.
  3. Few options to consider unlike with steel clip shelving where you can have doors or built-in dividers installed.

What is Wire Shelving?

Wire shelving is regarded as the most appealing among other industrial shelving units. Similar to rivet shelving this type of shelving is accessible from all sides because the built is free from the side and back sway braces.

Pros of Wire Shelving

  1. Easy installation process.
  2. Aesthetically appealing with the wire’s “clean” look.
  3. Multiple choices on coating finish.
  4. Can be mounted on walls to maximise available space.
  5. Can be adjusted like steel shelving, but without the need for clips or bolts.

Cons of Wire Shelving

  1. More costly than rivet and metal shelving
  2. Limitations on sizes of shelving.
  3. Shelving load is not as impressive as rivet and steel shelving units.

The final decision still depends on your storage solution requirement, budget and environment. However, if you want to make sure the chosen industrial shelving units will provide the best storage services and longer service life get the professional advice of the experts at Prem Engineering and Storage Solutions.

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