Sheet Metal Manufacturing: Using Copper in Homes

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Many homeowners like the look of copper, which is why installations and features made from copper sheets are quite popular. This is also why it is sometimes used in sheet metal manufacturing. If you are planning to use this particular type of metal for your home, take note of the following considerations.


If you are planning to use copper sheets in your projects, you need to consider the gauge or thickness of the copper. In any case, you’ll want a copper sheet that is thick for sheet metal manufacturing. Otherwise, it will tear and not withstand the rigors of everyday use. For most uses of copper at home and commercial establishments, thicker copper is usually used.

When looking at copper gauges, always remember that the lower number means thicker copper. For instance, a 30 gauge copper is around 10 mil thick is the thinnest you can use for counters and backsplashes and can be cut using ordinary kitchen scissors. On the other hand, a 24 gauge copper (roughly the same thickness as a credit card) at 22 mil is the thickest and heaviest copper sheet available in the common market must be cut with tin snips.


One of the things that many people love about copper is its vibrant colour and sheen. However, in order to achieve this look, the copper must be treated with a synthetic lacquer. This will give the copper a very smooth and mirror-like finish. Some sheet metal manufacturing companies can help you with this particular process.

There are some people though who prefer the aged look of copper and find it very attractive. As copper ages, it develops a dark patina which is actually the result of air corroding the metal. If you are one of these people, then you’d be glad to know that there are copper pieces which have been treated with chemicals that can help to accelerate this ageing process. This allows you to achieve your desired look faster.


The temper of a metal refers to its hardness, which in this case would be ‘hard’ and ‘soft’. There is a numbering system which is used to describe the temper of a metal, with H01 as soft and H04 as hard. This is an important consideration to remember since the hardness of the metal will determine its application.

For instance, soft copper is mainly used in making a copper etching and other decorative and craft applications. They are easier to cut as well. So if you’re thinking of using copper for aesthetic purposes, then soft temper copper or copper foil would be a good choice.

On the other hand, if you want to use copper for more demanding situations, then a hard temper copper should be used. Copper countertops or splashbacks make use of hard temper copper and copper plates.

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