Standard vs. Custom Storage Solutions: Which is better for You?

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Every product based business needs effective storage solutions if it wants to prosper. There is nothing more devastating for a business than losing inventory and suffering a loss because of improper storage. However, with the sheer number of storage options out there, choosing the right one is a task. You might also want to consider laser cutting based industrial shelving units and metal storage cabinets. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.


4 Tips for Choosing Between Standard and Laser Cutting Based Storage Solutions


Your Storage Area

If you have standard storage spaces, then you can go for regular storage solutions. Most industrial shelving units are designed with certain indoor dimensions in mind. But if you have an unconventional space and needs, then going custom is the better option. They will be able to serve your needs much more effectively and can always be modified for extra use.


Product Type

Your product type is a very important for choosing the right kind of storage solution. Most industrial shelving units are designed to store a wide range of products. But they are not fit for all kinds. So, you need to measure the dimensions of your products and ensure they fit the product. Also, it is important to anticipate a little above your requirement and select the right storage accordingly. This applies to volume and dimensions as well.



The weight of the product and the wear and tear you expect on the storage solution you choose is another major factor. Standard units have standard durability, which is fairly high as it is. However, they are not for everything. Investing in laser cutting services for specialized storage solutions might be a good idea if you want something special from your storage units.



Modifications are a great way for businesses to increase the value of their industrial shelving units. Laser cutting services can help enhance the viability of their storage solutions but making strategic additions. This may not be possible with standard storage equipment and so, if you think you might need specific storage needs later, go for custom ones.

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