Strength and Corrosion in Industrial Shelving Units and Metal Storage Cabinets

Storage systems in business are an important element of organization. Equipment such as industrial shelving units and metal storage cabinets ensure that all of your products and property are kept secure and readily accessible. An important consideration to make in storage systems is strength and durability; industrial shelving units could be required to hold many heavy products for extended time periods. As such, they must be assessed to ensure their tensile strength is adequate for their loading.

Another consideration is durability and corrosion resistance, as steel contains iron, it will rust given the required conditions (a metal, oxygen, and an electrolyte such as water). Many industrial shelving units are located in environments meeting these conditions and can allow the process of rusting to begin. Once rusting begins in steels, it can continue deeper into the metal, significantly lowering its strength, possibly to a point of failure under its regular load, a catastrophic outcome for a metal storage cabinet.

Protecting metal storage cabinets from corrosion can be as simple as painting the metal; this prevents contact between the water and metal. Paint must the routinely inspected as any breaks can allow rusting to recommence and potentially cause sudden failure. Other processes to protect industrial shelving units and metal storage cabinets from corrosion include galvanizing and cathodic protection.

Premier Engineering are sheet metal specialists who use high-quality heavy-duty steels and protective coatings on their storage units. Premier Engineering industrial shelving units and metal storage cabinets are laser-cut to create precisely sized solutions for your storage needs. Premier will analyze space and loading requirements to create a storage system tailored to you. Contact us for a quote!

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