Types Of Metal Ideal For Your Shelving Storage Solutions

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Do you want to maximise the available space at your business site? If your answer is a big “Yes”, the following types of metal ideal for your shelving storage solutions. Metal made storage units will not only solve your storage problem, but allow your people to be more productive because metal component is easy to clean and maintain. Here are the common types of metal suited for custom made storage units.

Stainless Steel Made Shelves

Among the popular material used for storage units is steel because of its durability and versatility when it comes to the production of shelves. In fact, many businesses prefer stainless steel when it comes to their shelving requirements because steel is proven to be strong as compared to other shelving materials like wood. Steel has the ability to withstand heavy weight, high temperature and safe for usage. One good example if in the food industry like the restaurants, they choose shelving units made from stainless steel because it has the capability to support heavy loads of food and drinks supply. Aside from that, steel is easy to clean and less prone to damage. A top quality shelving unit may last longer than other material used for shelving.

Chrome wire made shelves

Another type of metal that is also considered to be versatile and a lot cheaper is the chrome. Similar to stainless steel, chrome has the strength necessary for the production of industrial shelving units. They can also be used for homes as storage solutions for limited space at the kitchen or garage area. Chrome is also used in other facilities such as dormitories, offices, utility rooms and even in stores as display units. Chrome when used for shelving depicts fine taste, elegance and cleanliness. If you have limited budget and can’t afford stainless steel shelving, chrome wire made shelves would be a wise choice because they can last longer as compared with other materials used for shelving.

Wrought iron made shelves

Last metal type that is also suitable for custom made industrial shelving units is wrought iron. This type of metal is mostly used for furniture making due to its durability, elegant and versatility when it comes to designs. Aside from these awesome features of wrought iron, this metal is also water resistant, can carry any weight and less susceptible to damage. If you consider using wrought iron for your storage needs like the making of metal storage cabinet units, expect the costing to be a bit higher, but worth as investment. Why? If you will assess what you will be getting in return like quality wise, dependability and aesthetic appearance, wrought iron will surely match your picky taste.

The above mentioned types of metals are in huge demand right now to answer the growing needs of businesses needing unique and sturdy storage units. If you want your industrial shelving units customised based on your business’ storage needs, contact the representative of Premier engineering & storage solutions and be guided accordingly to a wide range of storage solutions. They have the most advanced laser cutting service to work on your custom made workbench or metal storage cabinet.


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