Types of File Storage Cabinets

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One of the most important office equipment for any business is a file storage cabinet. It is important for storing documents and keeping them safe, and at the same time a big help in keeping them organized. Storage cabinets are available in various styles and designs, and the three below are the most common.

Lateral File Storage Cabinets

Lateral file storage cabinets feature several wide but shallow drawers which are great for high capacity filing. In general, these cabinets can have as few as two drawers and can accommodate more depending on the size. Also, most two drawer units are low profile enough and can fit easily underneath a work surface. Because of this design, these cabinets are good options for walkways that require filing storage in a tight space. Despite this, they are wide enough to store folders and documents of varying sizes.

Vertical File Storage Cabinets

As opposed to lateral file storage cabinets, the design of vertical file storage cabinets are much narrower. Also, their drawers or storage units are much deeper that lateral file storage cabinets. Because of their design, vertical files typically hold fewer documents, but it also make them great for everyday use. This is different from lateral file storage cabinets which are generally suitable for high capacity and long term use.

One of the biggest advantages of vertical file storage cabinets is that they take up minimal wall space. But then, it does come with some disadvantages as well. For instance, the deep drawers of vertical file storage cabinets require more clearance to open than shallow lateral storage cabinets.

Mobile Storage Cabinets

As their name suggests, mobile storage cabinets can be moved from one place to another. This is because these types of storage cabinets have wheels attached at the bottom of the cabinet. There are some mobile storage cabinets that have a fifth wheel on the bottom drawer. This is to further improve stability. Also, these wheels or casters have locking systems to keep them from rolling off unwantedly. More often than not, these wheels are pretty much the same ones used in a mobile workbench.

Mobile cabinets usually has the design of a vertical storage cabinet. In addition, many of these cabinets have only one or two drawers in order to fit underneath work surfaces. However, there are larger mobile storage cabinets available.

There are plenty of other types of storage cabinets available. Though most of them are available in furniture stores, having one custom-built is often a better option. This way, you can be sure that you’re getting one that is most suitable for your office space and needs. If you need help with your storage cabinets, or are looking for services like sheet metal manufacturing or laser cutting services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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