Types of Industrial Shelving Units: Wire Shelving

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Many people agree that when it comes to aesthetics, wire shelving units are the clear winners. This is why they are typically used in commercial applications along with metal storage cabinets, or in any setting where industrial shelving units may look out of place. Like rivet shelving units, wire shelving units have an open construction style. This means that they are free of side and back sway braces and can be accessed from all four sides.

But what makes wire shelving units a better choice than other types of shelving units? And are there any drawbacks that you should be aware of before getting one?

Advantages of Wire Shelving Units

Wire shelving units come with a variety of advantages. For one, wire shelving units are aesthetically pleasing and can be used in a variety of settings. More often than not, the wires used have a coated or gleaming appeal. They are also easier to clean and wipe down, and are thus able to maintain their clean look for longer.

Wire shelving units are also adjustable, albeit without the clips or hardware. Along that line, wire shelving units are available with many specialty configurations such as tilt shelves, wall mount, and others. Wire shelving can also be made to hug a wall and fit a space, but still maintain access to corner areas. All of that said, wire shelving units are excellent to run in straight, right-angle, or corner installations.

Lastly, wire shelving units have an open type construction and this comes with a myriad of benefits. For one, dust won’t gather easily on the shelves. Also because of this open design, it does not obstruct sprinkler systems in case a fire breaks out.

Disadvantages of Wire Shelving Units

One of the disadvantages of wire shelving is that it is often more expensive that other types of shelving units. In general, wire shelving units are more expensive than rivet shelving units. It may also end up being more expensive than metal shelving depending on the features of the latter.

Another disadvantage of wire shelving units is that it isn’t available in a lot of sizes. In general, wire shelving units don’t offer as many size variations as rivet shelving. Also, the shelf capacity ranges of wire shelving units aren’t typically as broad as steel and rivet shelving.

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