What Kinds of Shelves and Storage Racks Should You Consider Installing in Your Warehouse?

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Any warehouse or distribution centre will invariably be large and spacious. This space can be invaluable for storing goods and raw materials of various shapes and sizes. In particular, if you happen to manufacturer large-sized goods, you will need ample space for storing these goods. Moreover, you will need sufficient space to enable your workers to move about the warehouse freely.

This can be quite significant when your workers use forklifts and other machines for loading, unloading or retrieving goods. When commercial property owners design warehouses, they often focus only on the storage space they need. Not many put some thought into providing spacious walkways and passageways for their workers to navigate the warehouse efficiently. This oversight could well come back to haunt the property and business owners subsequently.


No warehouse can be complete without the right storage solutions. From industrial shelving units to storage racks, warehouses need a myriad of shelves and racks. These storage units make it easier for workers to store a comprehensive array of goods and products. Some quality storage shelves and racks to consider installing in your warehouse include:

  • Wall-Mounted Shelves: These shelves might make you conjure images of the shelves typically found in many kitchens in the country. However, wall-mounted wire shelves can be invaluable in warehouses. Install them at various strategic points in your facility. They could enable you to organise your shipping and receiving areas well. In addition, retrieving various supplies could become much easier.
  • Bulk Storage Racks: Some people believe that storage racks designed for warehouses will be ‘one size fits all’ solutions. But, this will not always be true. After all, not all warehouses will be useful for storing small to medium-sized goods. If you want to store bulky goods, you will need larger shelving units such as bulk storage racks. These racks make it easier for workers to retrieve items without needing powered lift equipment such as forklifts.
  • Shelf Tracks: Some distribution centres might feature carton flow solutions that enable workers to move products from one point to another. But, in some cases, warehouse owners might want to move goods across individual racks. In this scenario, shelf tracks offer a viable solution. Install these tracks on the shelf racks to move products speedily. Ensure that you buy quality tracks designed by premier providers of laser cutting services. These tracks will be highly durable. Thus, they will not fall apart or wear down even when you move heavy cartons or larger shipments.
  • Pallet Rack Decking: Several warehouses in the country feature pallet racks. However, not all of these look organised. In addition, not all of these racks offer superior levels of visibility and safety. To extract optimal value from your pallet racks, consider installing wire decking in them. This decking will help you keep various goods and products separate. Thus, retrieving items will be a lot easier. Similarly, wire decking can support more weight than their regular counterparts. This will make your racks safer and more durable too.


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