What technologies can be used in Laser cutting?

Laser cutting is introduced in mid of 20th century, engineers build the first laser cutting devices as a solid state ruby pink laser in 1960, but not in use that much dues to its solidity. Later, there was an invention of Gas laser cutter, which uses Co2 gas.

There are mainly three majorly used technologies in laser cutting, which are: Co2 laser cutting, yttrium aluminium laser cutting, which are identified as in style and can differ only in application. Other than this RF tech method is the latest one and is very popular in laser cutting services in Sydney. All these technology based methods for Laser cutting needs great power supply, especially in industrial laser cutting jobs. Power consumption and efficiency of any particular laser will vary depending upon the output power and operating parameters. Note that the above mention technologies are being used in all different variations of laser cutting services like laser drilling, waterjet cutting, laser engraving, fusion cutting, thermal stress, cracking and laser welding.

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