What Types of Services Do Laser Cutting Companies in Australia Usually Provide?

Laser cutting remains a relatively new technology. They came into prominence during the 1980s. Prior to this phase, the use of laser cutting remained confined to specific niche applications. For instance, during the 1970s, people in the aeronautical industry used lasers for cutting titanium rods in aerospace applications. However, in contemporary times, the use of lasers has become widespread the world over. The metalworking industry, in particular, relies extensively on lasers for cutting a myriad of materials. This technology enables businesses operating in this sector to produce increasingly complex products and prototypes that rank high on quality, accuracy and speed.

Three types of laser cutting technologies exist at present. These include:

  • CO2 Laser Cutting Services: CO2 lasers rely on a carbon dioxide gas mixture that cuts through materials when electrically stimulated. These lasers can be ideal for using on a diverse range of materials including plastic and other non-metallic materials. For this reason, the use of CO2 lasers in the laser cutting service industry remains predominant.
  • Fibre Laser Cutting Services: Fibre lasers become amplified in specially designed glass fibres. This causes them to produce an exceedingly small focal diameter. As a result, the intensity of the laser becomes 100 times higher than that of a CO2 laser. For this reason, workers use fibre laser cutters to cut reflective metallic materials.
  • Crystal Laser Cutting Services: These laser use a crystal as a medium for cutting through materials. They produce the same wavelength as fibre lasers. Hence, they can be ideal for using when you want to cut or mark metals and plastics. However, it can be worth mentioning that crystal lasers have shorter service lives than their fibre laser counterparts. These laser cutting machines also feature pricey pump diodes that can wear out rapidly.
  • Flat Sheet Laser Cutting Services: When you require clean precise shapes cut from an assortment of flat sheet materials, you will turn to an experienced laser cutting company. These companies will use specialised programming software and cutting-edge equipment for producing meticulously cut parts time and time again. The typical machining tolerance will range from +/- 0.1 mms. Similarly, the repetition precision could vary from +/- 0.05 mms.
  • Rotary Laser Cutting Services: Not all manufacturing products will require cuts in straight lines and shapes. In some cases, you might require components cut from round tubes and pipes. Such situations necessitate rotary laser cutting services. Service providers will use specialized laser cutting machines to cut slots, shapes or junctions from tubes with minimal fuss.
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication Services: Finding a sheet metal manufacturing establishment in Ingleburn or elsewhere no longer presents any difficulties. A casual search on the internet will enable you to come across scores of these service providers. Companies offering these services will have fully-equipped fabrication departments. Workers employed in these facilities will be able to perform a wide range of metalworking activities such as welding laser cut parts together, countersinking, thread tapping etc.

Laser cutting has become one of safest and most efficient ways for cutting through an assortment of materials. From plastics to metals, lasers can cut through any material with high levels of precision. The use of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining processes enables workers to produce intricate and accurate cuts with quality finishes. Because of this, many industrial and manufacturing companies the world over rely on laser cutting companies for producing components and prototypes. For more information, Visit Premier Engineering Today !

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