Where To Use Industrial Shelving Units At Home?

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Industrial shelving units are mostly found in warehouses, stores and garages. Did you know that these types of storage solutions are now available for homes? Yes, these sturdy metal made shelves are the homeowner’s new storage partner in keeping items. If you are curious where these shelving units would come handy, here’s a list.

  • Store kitchen essentials

Industrial shelving units are now becoming popular storages in clearing the kitchen area from the unwanted clutter of unused pots, pans and other kitchen tools. How is that possible? Coating neutral shades of paint on industrial shelves to match the kitchen’s present interior will surely make it as comfy.

In fact, if you want to add a touch of creativity on the metal industrial shelving units use weaved baskets to store smaller kitchen essentials like cutlery, knives and kitchen towels.

  • Serve as divider

Industrial shelving units can also be used as a divider for any open space. For example, if you have an open space layout connecting the living room and kitchen putting the industrial shelving units in between this area would create an illusion of two different areas.

  • Organise the laundry or utility room

The laundry or utility room can be in chaos with all the stuff used for laundry scattered everywhere. If your goal is tidy this room and keeps everything within easy reach place industrial shelving units can be mounted on walls to resolve this problem. In case you are tight on space contract a laser cutting service provider to design shelving units that can be mounted above your washer and dryer.

  • Use as display corner

Yes, industrial shelving units are versatile because they can perfectly blend in any corner or room of the house. These metal shelving units can be used as display shelves for your collectibles, books and antiques that you want to show off guests.

You may even request the laser cutting service provider to create a low-level-shelves that can serve as a mini bar. Here, guests would be amazed how these metal shelves found in the garage can be perfect storage solutions in storing wines and alcoholic drinks.

  • Keep your bathroom basics accessible

Lastly, another area of the house that would benefit from the installation of custom-made industrial shelving units is the bathroom. No need to worry about where to store shampoo bottles, toilet rolls, bath towels and other hygienic stuff because moveable industrial shelves are easily accessible when needed.

The above are some of the unique functions of industrial shelving units. If you want to order bulk shelving units for your home, office or business space contact Premier Engineering and Storage Solutions a leading sheet metal manufacturing company with solid track record of producing top quality metal storage solutions. Book now a private meeting to discuss your storage requirements.

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