Bending/Press Brake


What is bending?
Bending refers to the elastic deformation of the metal sheet under the pressure of the upper punch and lower die of the press brake machine, and then plastic deformation occurs.


Why Choose Us?


We can produce top-quality and accurately designed sheet metal applications the right way the first time thanks to the strong press brakes and bending tools we have to offer. Our new press brakes can help with bending sheet metal to the precise standards that our clients ask for.


Premier Engineering uses the newest HG Press Brakes from Amada. These new brakes can support bends of more than 100 inches in length. Each brake press also comes with a convenient control screen that improves upon how the machine works and how it can be programmed.

All of the press brakes we use are made with the latest capabilities in mind to ensure each project is produced with the correct bends the first time around. Precision is the main goal that we have for operating such press brakes. Our tools especially work with strict customization standards in mind to give you the best possible parts you require to your specific needs.

Contact us at Premier Engineering for all of your basic needs for producing quality sheet metal parts with the right bends in mind. Our new Amada HG press brakes will ensure that all your parts will be produced the right way every time.


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