Laser Cutting

Premier Engineering & Storage Solutions has just recently commissioned Amada’s Laser cutter the “ENSIS-AJ 3Kw machine.

 What machine do we use for laser cutting?

Premier Engineering & Storage Solutions has just

recently commissioned Amada’s laser cutter, the “ENSIS-AJ 3Kw machine.” This machine is also capable of cutting up to 25mm of mild steel, which is equivalent to the performance levels of a standard 6kW fiber laser but uses just half the power to do the same job. With energy prices proving a major overhead for profiling and fabrication shops, this presents an opportunity to make significant savings.

Among further new features is the development of the ENSIS technology, which provides a high-speed pierce in 20mm mild steel and faster cutting than a 4kW fiber laser. This performance is achieved by instantaneously changing the beam mode between piercing and cut. For piercing materials at the thicker end of the material spectrum, oil-shot functionality is available for added reliability.

The 3kW ENSIS also offers WACS II, the latest version of
AMADA’s proprietary Water-Assisted Cutting System. This advanced device allows the amount of water to be varied in two stages, providing further assistance when processing thicker mild steel.

The ENSIS machine also provides much lower part costs by utilizing compressed air cutting compared with standard nitrogen cutting. In fact, cutting speeds are the same as with nitrogen processing, with part
quality comparable in many thicknesses. Across a cutting range of 3000 x 1500 x 100mm in the X, Y, and Z axes, processing feed rates of up to 100m/min are possible.


Why Choose Us?

Laser cutting services are the most used process for cutting materials. Laser cutting is a process that has been around for decades and is still being used today, but in a different way. Laser cutting services are now a lot more common than they were before because of how efficient they are and how precise the cuts can be. We have been around for a while now and have been used in various industries. If you are looking for a laser cutting service, you have come to the right place. We offer laser cutting services, and we can do it on any material you want.

Premier Engineering has been providing laser cutting
services for the past 4 years. We are an engineering company that provides a wide range of engineering solutions to industries like automotive, aerospace,
and medical. We are a leading engineering company that offers high-quality laser cutting services. We use the latest technology to provide the best service possible, and committed to providing their customers with the best
laser cutting services available. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve their services and make them more efficient.

Premier Engineering has a wide range of laser cutting
capabilities, which allows them to offer their customers a variety of services. Their high quality and affordable prices make them an attractive option for any
business, big or small.

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