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Premier Engineering & Storage Solutions has just recently commissioned Amada’s Laser cutter the ENSIS-AJ 3Kw machine.

Premier Engineering: Pioneers in Laser Cutting and Storage Solutions

State-of-the-Art Laser Cutting Technology

At Premier Engineering & Storage Solutions, our commitment to excellence is reflected in our choice of equipment. We have recently incorporated Amada’s “ENSIS-AJ 3Kw machine” into our suite of laser cutting tools. Notably, this machine can cut up to 25mm of mild steel. Impressively, it performs at the level of a standard 6kW fiber laser but requires only half the power.

In an era where energy costs heavily influence operational overheads, our forward-thinking approach ensures not only top-notch results but also cost efficiency. This makes us a valuable partner for businesses in Sydney and beyond.

Innovative Features of the ENSIS Machine

  • ENSIS Technology: This advanced feature allows high-speed piercing in 20mm mild steel, even outpacing a 4kW fiber laser. The laser’s capability to instantly switch its beam mode during piercing and cutting processes contributes to its efficiency. To enhance reliability, especially for thicker materials, an oil-shot function is embedded.

  • WACS II: As the newest iteration of AMADA’s Water-Assisted Cutting System, this feature ensures precise adjustments in water levels during the cutting process, proving instrumental when handling thicker mild steel.

  • Cost-Effective Operations: The ENSIS machine champions economical operations by using compressed air cutting rather than standard nitrogen cutting. The cutting speeds remain consistent, and the quality remains high across varied thicknesses. The machine can efficiently handle a cutting range of 3000 x 1500 x 100mm across X, Y, and Z axes, achieving processing speeds up to 100m/min.

Why Partner with Premier Engineering for Laser Cutting Services in Sydney?

Having served the industry for over four years, our experience spans various sectors, including automotive, aerospace, and medical. Our state-of-the-art laser cutting services are complemented by our array of storage solutions. Whether you need robust metal storage cabinets, industrial shelving units, or metal shelves, our catalog promises quality and variety.

Expanding our Array of Solutions

In addition to our steel laser cutting services, we also specialize in CNC cutting services. Our comprehensive approach ensures that clients, whether large corporations or small businesses, receive high-quality, affordable solutions tailored to their needs. From a sturdy workbench to steel shelving units and storage cabinets, our products embody durability and functionality.

Engage with Premier Engineering today for impeccable laser cutting services in Sydney and discover our holistic range of engineering and storage solutions.

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