Plating, Anodising & Galvanising

We work with the best sub-contractors for the plating, anodizing and galvanizing processes you demand out of a sheet metal manufacturing project.

What is Plating, Anodising, and Galvanising ?

The plating process works with a coating that is applied to create a strong physical appearance. It works with many finishes in mind and can even be customized to fit a specific colour standard you might have.

The anodizing process uses electrolytic passivation to create a thicker natural oxide layer on your parts. This uses chemical baths to create harder oxide layers, thus making them stronger and less likely to corrode.

Galvanizing is also utilized to add a secure layer of zinc on top of your metal. Zinc is coated onto the surface to keep the metal from rusting.



Why Choose Us ?

We work with the best sub-contractors for the plating, anodizing, and galvanising processes you demand from a sheet metal manufacturing project. This helps with creating a proper finish to your parts so they will look their best and stand out in any situation.

All three processes are critical for not only giving your parts a great look but also for ensuring they will last for years to come. Best of all, we offer several finishes for all of your parts. You can order a bright or yellow zinc plate or even a clear, chrome, or black body for your parts.


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