How Much Weight Can Metal Storage Cabinets Handle?

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Everyone has their own demands for storing items inside a cabinet. But some items might be a little heavier than others. You might have to add loads of materials that can add weight inside a cabinet or you might just have a few small materials that are extremely dense and heavy in their own right.

With this in mind, the capacities of your metal storage cabinets are vital for you to consider. The metals used inside your cabinets can be engineered and designed to support a certain amount of weight.

Naturally, thicker materials will handle more weight. But shelves that are welded into the body of a cabinet could also handle more weight. This comes as they come with their own built-in anchors that cannot be removed.

So, how much weight in particular can a cabinet handle? Depending on what you order, a cabinet could handle up to 1,000kg at a time. Each individual shelf could handle 200kg of weight as well. But you have to look at how well your individual cabinet is designed and how the shelves are organized so you have something that is easy to secure things in.

But no matter how much weight your cabinet can secure, you need to find something that can anchor itself to a wall. Support anchors may be added onto the back end of a cabinet and can be fastened onto a walled surface to keep the cabinet from falling over as you add more weight into it. This could add to the functionality of the cabinet too as it makes it easier for you to utilize the full capacity of the cabinet without it falling over.

Industrial shelving units are impressive for how well they are designed but they should handle all the materials you want to store without buckling or breaking apart from all that pressure. Take a look at your needs and plan your custom-made cabinet accordingly when you order one from us.


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