How Much Weight Can Metal Storage Cabinets Handle?

How to Choose Metal Storage Cabinets That Can Handle Heavy Loads

When it comes to storing items in cabinets, weight is often the elephant in the room. Whether you’re filling the cabinets with multiple materials that add up in weight or just a few dense, hefty objects, the cabinet’s capacity plays a crucial role.

Why Material Matters

The engineering behind the metal used in your storage cabinets is specifically designed to support a certain weight. Generally speaking, the thicker the material, the more weight it can support. Yet, it’s not just about the metal’s thickness.

The Role of Built-in Anchors

Shelves welded into the cabinet’s body provide an extra layer of security. They come with their own built-in anchors that are non-removable. These anchors boost the cabinet’s weight-handling capacity, adding another layer of durability.

How Much Can Your Cabinet Hold?

If you’re wondering about the specifics, here’s a clue: A cabinet could support up to 1,000 kg, while each shelf could bear around 200 kg. However, the design and organization of the individual shelves are essential. You’ll want a well-designed unit that makes it easy to securely store items.

Anchoring Your Cabinet

It’s not just about how much a cabinet can hold but also how well it can secure itself to a wall. Anchors can be added to the back of the cabinet, allowing it to be fastened to a wall. This extra step prevents the cabinet from tipping over and enhances its overall functionality.

Industrial Shelving: Beyond the Basics

Industrial shelving units may look impressive, but they need to be up to the task of handling all the materials you plan to store. They should stand firm against buckling or breaking apart under pressure. So, before you place an order for a custom-made cabinet from us, make sure to assess your storage needs thoroughly.