TIG Sheet Metal Welding: Ideal For Welding Thin Sheets

One of the most prevalent welding procedures is TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) sheet metal welding. This is an arc welding procedure that uses an infusible (tungsten) electrode and an inert gas (most typically argon or helium) to protect the electrode. It can be done with or without filler metal.

TIG welding is ideal for welding thin sheet metal and can be utilized in both continuous and spot applications. During World War II, this specialized welding method was created for the aviation sector to replace rivets with welds on planes (much lighter with the same resistance). Its applications in the industrial sector have grown substantially since then.

TIG welding sheet metal produces high-quality joints, making it ideal for welding thin sheets. This is in contrast to traditional welding, which poses a high danger of piercing the metal. The TIG welding sheet metal working is described in the next paragraphs.

Material is supplied manually with a bar or mechanically with a spooled wire in TIG welding. This method is appropriate for making high-quality welds when combining thin stainless steel thicknesses by melting the edges and adding small amounts of material (in some cases even without filler material).

To TIG weld thin sheets, a torch is utilized with a tungsten electrode put into the melting solution and a protective inert gas flowing around it. To move the melting bath, the operator moves the torch along the joint, setting the infusible tungsten electrode at a maximum distance of a few millimeters and keeping it stable.

It’s critical to keep the electrode from coming into direct contact with the item to be welded, as the tungsten rod will stick to the joint and stop the welding process.

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