Tips For Engraving And Cutting With CNC Machining

Being an engineer and a hobbyist you might do a lot of engraving or cutting and there is no way you aren’t familiar with the drawing trend in the immense potential of CNC machining.

Varying from Jewelers to gun shops, collectible figurine makers to engine designers, many hobbyists also use CNC mills to perform complex engraving and cutting tasks. Here are some of the tips about how to get the most out of an automated CNC machine.

1.    Choose the Right Cutting Tool

When engraving, use the right tool according to the pattern in order to get accurate results. Wider angle cutting tools are better for engraving larger patterns and vice versa. To maximize efficiency, you should typically use the largest cutting angle and tip while carving hard materials.

2.    Be Mindful of Your Spindle Speed

Small shank tools are meant to be used with low-power spindle motors and to minimize resistance in high-speed milling for optimal results, the cutting speed shouldn’t be too fast. To increase speed, use large shank diameter engraving tools for high-power motors.

3.    The Length of Your Cutting Tool Matters Too

It is usually recommended to add 2mm-3mm to the measured processing sheet thickness while choosing the right blade length for carving knives. You must opt for a shorter blade length either for cutting acrylic or when the motor speed is between 18000-24000 RPM.

4.    A Note on Broken Tools

In case you are using high-quality tools and they are still breaking frequently then it might be an issue with the carving settings, including the rail and motor precision, plate material hardness, or fixture issues.

5.    Consider an Engraving Attachment

For more creative opportunities, the optional engraving attachment combined with the 3D machining capabilities can be used.

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