Why CNC Machining is Better Than Stainless Steel Casting

Stainless steel (SS) is a widely preferred material for industrial and commercial product manufacturing due to its high ductility, lustrous surface finish, high-temperature sustainability, and high strength, which makes it highly suitable for manufacturing industrial products.

Earlier, for manufacturing purposes, stainless steel casting was preferred due to the high-temperature stainability and moldability of stainless steel material. Although stainless steel is still being used by industrial manufacturers, stainless steel CNC machining has replaced the older casting technique as it produces dimensional defects and involves long production cycles.

The following is the breakdown of some beneficial factors that give stainless steel CNC machining an edge over stainless steel casting.

  • Saves The Cost Of The MoldUnlike casting, CNC machining does not require a mold. By the use of various cutting tools that are focused via numeric computer code, the CNC machines shape a product.
  • Allows The Complex Production
    Unlike casting, CNC machining doesn’t have any limitations and can be used for a minute and complex part production. For intricate products, the casting process may give dimensional errors along with a rough surface. CNC machining gives precise production that can be efficiently performed over consistent feed, appropriate tooling, and low-tolerance dimensional coding.
  • Production At Faster Pace
    Stainless steel CNC machining is a quicker manufacturing process that includes generating a computer code followed by setting the workpiece, and post-production ejection of the stainless steel component. Conversely in the casting process, the time-consuming activity of mold setting is followed by the melting and cooling of metal after which the final product is ejected from the mold.
  • Dimensional Precision and Stability
    CNC operations are computer-managed and can be performed at low dimensional tolerance, and it does not require extreme heating or cooling of stainless steel sheets. Therefore, the chances of human error for dimensional accuracy are minimal. Whereas, casting processes sometimes require extreme heating and cooling that might alter the dimensional accuracy of the final product.

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